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When I was a child these are the things I believed and dreamed of.You may laugh as you read them.I'll toss my coins in the fountain, look for clovers in grassy lawns, search for shooting stars in the nights sky. Cross my fingers and dream on.And Anything you can imagine is real.I want to be somewhere where every time you breathe a wish comes true. ~*Believe*~ I believe in mermaids, in fairies, in second chances, and I believe fairy dust can make you fly. I believe there is a place over the rainbow, where clouds are made of cotton candy. Where the grass bows and whispers. Where the flowers are everywhere and cover the world. I believe~ Just beyond your dreams lives a secret world. Where every tree is a home, Every sound is a song, And humans exist only in fairy tales.Dreams. Without them we are nothing.And memories look so pretty when I sleep.I've got a head full of dreams More than [[you]] would ever believe.And I am [[going]]to have it all someday!My memories are my lullabies they sing me to sleep everynight. This is when I thought as a child